How to buy Ethereum

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What is Ethereum (ETH)?

Ethereum is an open-source blockchain-based distributed computing platform to execute smart contracts. In other words, Ethereum is a blockchain with an embedded programming language that users can build applications on. Ether is used to pay for transactions in Ethereum.

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How to buy Ethereum

  • Buying ETH with Bank Transfer

    Buy stablecoins listed on Finector by transferring money from your account to the providers of those stablecoins. Then use these stablecoins to buy Ethereum on Finector.

  • Trading ETH

    Finector enables you to replenish your account with 150+ cryptocurrencies. You can exchange a lot of them for Ethereum at the most favorable rates available in the market.

  • Buying Ethereum with Credit Card

    You can buy Ethereum directly from Finector with your credit card. We offer the best way to buy Ethereum in this way (both Visa and MasterCard are available).

Finector is a place where the entire world is trading Ethereum

  • Fast

    Finector is working so fast owing to the first-class matching engine. It supports up to 1,400,000 orders per second. We provide fast and reliable cryptocurrency trading services even during peak hours.

  • Simple

    Trading cryptoassets with Finector is easy. You only need a few steps to buy Ethereum instantly.

  • Safe and reliable

    Our Escrow systems ensures total safety and security for you and your funds

  • Liquidity

    Finector is the world's most liquid cryptocurrency exchange platform notable for the largest trading volumes across multiple trading pairs, including Ethereum.

You’ve bought Ethereum. What’s next?

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    Storing / holding Ethereum

    Many users prefer to hold their Ethereum, expecting its price value to rise. You can safely store your ETH on your Finector account or in our Trust Wallet, the most convenient and secure mobile wallet.

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    Trading Ethereum

    You can trade Ethereum for over 150 cryptocurrencies with our industry-leading, fast, and secure Finector trading platform. Finector offers a variety of trading pairs to suit your needs.

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    Sending Ethereum

    Finector enables you to quickly send your assets to almost anywhere in the world. You can buy Ethereum online and send it to anyone having an Ethereum address.

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    Spending Ethereum

    You can also buy various goods and services with Ethereum. More and more companies are accepting Ethereum as a payment method.

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    Donating Ethereum

    Finector Charity accepts Ethereum donations for global projects aimed at improving the lives of those below the poverty line. You can also donate Ethereum to anyone so that no one misses the chances that blockchain creates.

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    Learn more about Ethereum

    You can read a range of detailed articles about Ethereum by Finector Research and learn how cryptocurrencies like Ethereum function with Finector.


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