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  • How to sell crypto?

    With the Finector P2P platform, you can sell cryptocurrencies instantly and in a secure fashion! To start, just choose the crypto coin you want to sell and the best offer provided by other users. To register an order, you need to transfer the cryptocurrency you want to sell to your P2P wallet.
  • Is there any protection against fraud?

    Finector P2P features a special safeguard mechanism to protect and keep your funds while the transaction is pending. It is one of our platform’s main security measures. This approach prevents cases of theft or fraud and gives confidence. Simultaneously, it does not allow hackers to steal your funds. The main mandatory prerequisite to withdraw any funds is to complete one’s part of the transaction.
  • Do P2P traders have any guarantee?

    All transactions made online via our platform are fully protected by our escrow system. Whenever an offer is registered and published via the platform, the corresponding funds specified by that order are automatically reserved and frozen in the seller's P2P wallet. If that seller tries to withdraw your money and does not send the cryptocurrency purchased by you, our support team will send the cryptocurrency to your wallet from the reserved funds anyway.
  • What are the payment methods, countries, and currencies you support?

    Our system supports all the main and popular payment systems across the following locations and currencies: Russia (RUB), Belarus (BYN), Ukraine (UAH), Kazakhstan (KZT), United Arab Emirates (AED).
  • How to buy crypto?

    Register as a user with our Finector P2P platform. 1. Select the best-marching offer from all the available ones. 2. Post an order to buy crypto. After that, pay the crypto seller, depending on your payment method of choice. 3. Receive the crypto funds from the seller after completing your fiat transaction and confirming the payment via Finector P2P.
  • What are your transaction fees?

    Finector P2P imposes no fees on buyers or sellers, or order creators.
  • Does Finector post the offers displayed by the P2P marketplace?

    The offers you can see on the list page of the P2P platform are not published by Finector. Finector provides a trading platform only, while offers are posted by individual users.
  • Will I be notified if a new order is published?

    You will be notified by e-mail or SMS if you allow them earlier in the settings.